Vintage Words


Willie nilly, lopsided steps

done for swaggar, an exhibition

of happenstance steps. Go

sashay like Go Red Wings! A

call to alert the media

that someone is sashaying



Models do it. Wrestlers in the ring

strut, a kind of sashayed march

around the ropes. Casual promenade

taken along the shoals, the tree-lined

avenue, done proudly, always proudly.


Cats do it and kittens try and fail

but keep trying. A sign of triumph

it is to sashay, a finger flung at those

who are nay-sayers, a fling of the hips

and a bounced ankle to emphasize

that I am here which explains why

you did that double take.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks Dove. A nice word, sashay - Stella

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