Autumn Love Song


Bring to me an Autumn leaf dyed by time

and the season with reds and golds, blushed

with a hint of green. Faithfully unmoved,

the stem remains, veins  crisply defining

the source as Maple or the leaf's shape

describing the tree as Elm.


Frosted at morning, warmed by October

sun before the skies cloud over to hide

light, leaves tumble. Again, the earth

has migrated away from summer.


November snowflakes are standing

in the wings waiting for entrance,

their parts aged and memorized. We

feel on the face the coolest breeze

so far this year.


Take in a breath so chill the mouth

quivers. Fall arrives to surprise us 

with need for leather gloves; our bones

filled with disbelief and a longing

for warmth.







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