Vintage Words


Marvelously, someone

thought up knuckle blades

and blue all over females.

I love a man with wings

that allow him to fly.

I am a Wolverine fan

because Jackman rocks

and the wolverine

is Michigan's state animal

and a university team.


Mutants own advanced abilities

to change into all kinds

of creations: levitators,

fire throwers, and Storm

controls lighting and weather



Speed is no problem

for some of them

and for Magnito metal

is easily twisted at will.

Mental ability to read minds

is central. Walking through

walls enthralling as is tearing

down walls with inhuman



X-Men would rock

if they were real and their

title would also rock if it

included X-Women.


Since they are figments

of power-fed creativity

and an evolution of ideas

by sci-fy artists, we have

to accept that some

of what we wish is that

they will never be there







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I adore sci_fi movies

Those tiny aliens were the best characters though not leading



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Science Fiction and Fantasy publishing had it's heyday in the 40's and 50's. Before tv and computers people read books. One sweet genre, speculative fiction. ~allets~