The Witch's Cauldron

Vintage Words


Who thought that one up? Was it alchemy

that gave rise to evil annexed to potions

and charms that help or hurt?


There is the black witch and the white witch

and probably a few gray witches in between,

but good or ill, I don't believe in sympathetic

magic, dealing with the magic of life

and living is enough spellbinding.


Bat's wings in boiling blood, sounds like

Halloween cider with a twist. Eye of newt,

does what exactly? A dead man's teeth

makes a lot of sense as does the heart

of a suicide.


All mixed in with Medieval and Pre-History,

the incantationa reek of time and old gods.

Prayer was a call to darkness and salvation

was not a thing to hope for with the

bubonic plague ravaging the hood.


The pointed hat, now there's a fashion.

The cat as familiar - always black. Move

over Merlin, Gargamel has yr back.

Baal be damned, I have newer beliefs

to embrace, but I still have not read

Revelations all the way through.






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bishu's picture

I have a real hot bubbling wizard cauldron in my living room

I have a bubbling cauldron
In my living room
I got it stirred with a broom
The hot broom I sat on
And thru the nightsky I did zoom

Enjoyed the funnyfare.. Happy Hallos to all



allets's picture

Actually had Trick or Treaters This Year

The parents were looking like - it's mandatory that we do this, the kids took one piece of candy from big blowl and I helped them out with 2 handsfulls each and gave some to parents. About eight visitors - up from none last year. Still big bowl full left and the bag was half full of snickers and M&M's and Starbursts. Sugar heaven. Happy Happy! :D