Bad Prognosis

So what if I have cancer,

I have been waiting for it

all my life, like a lover

who makes my heartrate soar.

I hear my heart that will

go thump loudest at the end.

Quite quiet, death.


So what if I have no hope

of survival? No one  will care

long. Living guarantees absolute

forgettfulness and only the uber

rich and famous  build monuments

to be remembered by strangers.


Death will be welcome after

surgical procedures poke and prod.

X-Ray every organ imaginable.

Medicines have side-effects

and more pills will quiet most

of the discomfort.


Radiation, chemo; do not give me that

lot. I will not die slowly in agonies you 

dispense. Being burned alive would be

kinder, but take it back. I am strong and

do not want to come out the other side

medium rare.


I don't have cancer, but I may someday.

A speedy and instant death is most likely

not in my cards or my stars,or read palm.

I wish you a quick ending. Many are just

lucky. Too many are not. I don't have

cancer. Not yet. I'm getting ready

for it though.







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Glad to hear you don't. But

Glad to hear you don't. But you sure made it believable. You've been reminding me we can write anything we want. I gotta get myself back to that. And share... Miss exploring. Seem to have (hopefully temporarily) lost that edge. Happy to see you are walkin it. 

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A Break Is Good

once in a while to gather more experiences to write about. Or, to do something else to clear the cobwebs out. I do it periodically. Be well - slc