Post Script From Inside

Vintage Words


I did not think I would end up here

so I may as well get a few things

straightened out. I killed. Okay. I

did not regret killing. Okay.


I maimed, raped, pillaged, and burned.

Okay. The building deserved being

blown into dusty bits. The people

in there were collateral. Another sin.



I am waiting on the pain

and agony to begin. Needless

to say, it will arrive soon.

A great sign: "Welcome

to purgatory".


Nagasaki and Hiroshima got nothing

on Hell. Burning is the best the text

writers could have  come up with. Fire

on the skin of the soul really hurts.


Unrepentant, I am not sorry. I enjoyed

doing what got me here forever. I

can still feel their blood dripping

on my horrible and unredeemable



Hell is not a place for good people.

It's a place for people like me

and I embrace the decadence of my

insides that will never scorch in

eternal flames. p.s. If I could

change everything I did, I would not

change a thing.










Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hell, to be avoided :D slc

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