Vintage Words


I think it could have

been my cold body shivering

on the alley concrete hoping

for warmth from a city exhaust



There may  have been a

decision point in my lifetime

when I made the right choice;

the one  that meant warm

indoor retirement and my beloveds

around me. Where I end up well

fed, healthy, with cupboards



The other choice woud have

meant certain descent into

oblivion and invisibility.


It is nice to be recognized

by friends and family,

well or ill, no matter.

Recognition encourages

and to be seen and occasionally

hugged and acknowledged

as if of value is the dream







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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

reminds me of the phrase

there, but for the grace of god, goes i.  this poem made me think of some rare emotions i have felt that i didn't know were felt by others!!!  


i think to have compassion is important, but to recognize how easily your own fortunes could have carried you along a similar path shows humility, and i think sometimes the former can be damaging and prideful without the latter.

allets's picture

Compassion's Importance

Thank you for the thoughtful comment. Glad someone feels like I do about something - nice to know. It amazes me that one false step can lead to absolute ruin. Prayer and grace guide you and me to remain safe always. ~Stella~



WriteMeBackToLife's picture


Outstanding! I adore this poem! 

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toward you for reading me stuff - thanks. Be well ~allets~