Writing As A Calling


Pick up a pen, examine it closely, try to figure

out how it works then examine a 8.5" x 11"

piece of paper, try to figure out how much poison

went into the atmosphere and the water table

producing it.


Put the tip of the pen to the page, make

a complete idiot of yourself, and chastise

yourself for not paying attention to the professor

in English 101. 


Now you are ready to continue. So








Author's Notes/Comments: 

We have so much to learn about recycling - slc

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Electronic papers can never ever replace paper books !!!!

 !!! The smell of moth-balls and old yellowed paper books.... heavenly... I'll take some across to poet's isle & give them away to replant into trees.... Remember all knowledge has been from written material [though some from word of mouth] 


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are still about books. Other media are available, but to hold a book in your hands, to feel the pages as you turn them, and oh yes, the smell of an old volume is sweet. Thanks for being there Bish - yr poempalonthanksgiving - allets


I read a list lately (04-19) of products that will soon be obsolete and vanish like keys, DVDs and CDs. Books is on the list - e-books will replace the bookstore. And libraries, logically. Why have it freee when someone can make money on selling information. What a transcription job, putting Dickens or Tolstroy on line. :D slc