Sane As Good

Vintage Words


The jury is hung, but I am glad

I am sane and did not do it this

time. Freedom used to mean walking

where you wanted to walk and

singing when the mood hits you.

No longer. People look at you

funny, think you insane.


Sanity is defined as the insecure

manic frizzled human hovering inside

skin that crawls and claws at the

surrounding world. Their blood bubbles

and explodes before the human embraces

calm as if it were the only umbrella

in a thunderstorm.


When thoughts come bold and unencumbered,

whirlwind emotions run unclouded in brain

storms. Sanity is the dry warm condition

sheltered on the front porch of the mind. A

calmed ego makes for a virtuous and joyous

peace. This is good as most of the time,

you are sane  between waking and falling








Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you think you are sane, you probably are. ~A~

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bishu's picture

A scribbler bishu is absolutely insane

Only Dr Lollypop thinks I am sane. I wonder what readets think of me.Thinking od getting a certificate from Dr Lollypop



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I Tried

Dr. Lollypop is a sucker, only issuing certifications to bona-fide non-poets. Defeated, we lick our wounds and go elsewhere. ~allets~

Tongue Out



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(P.S. I just posted a short story would love for you to look it over allets) thanks :)

"Sometimes I wish Upon a Star with the clouds Far behind..." - Isreal K 'Somewhere over The Rainbow'

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I'm Working On A Short Story

2 parts already posted - last one due before All Hallow's Eve - needing an ending - looking. Will read short prose later, enjoying the poetry  and the new to PP writers presently - Thank for asking ~Stella is Allets backward~