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Vintage Words


During our tenure here

we have seen the earth from

the moon, a blue diadem

hanging in black void.


Conspiracy theories abound

that the space trip to La Lune

was a tv filmed hoax. Believing

was distracting and worked

for most of us.


Unbelievers abound in a world

full of the faithful who maintain

that the air is impure, the soil

full of chemicals, that fires rage

uncontrollably, and water vanishes.


Coming soon to a screen near us all,

mass migrations based not on repatriation

but hydration need and a place not on fire.

In Texas and California those that can,

own homes in Montana and Maine,

just is case.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

The next twenty years will tell the tale. A generation, and an optimistic view? Placebo affect at action, we thrive on self-delusion - the conditioning is deep set. The Millennials will have really different problems to prioritize and solve (like those fleeing war and water scarcity). Who knew? We did. - slc


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