Vintage Words


The battle rages inside the bedrooms

of the world for prime flesh with hopes

of winning a few rounds.


Enter women stacked and fertile,

single and over educated; the ones

who squeezed through high school,

have two kids by two sires, and now

live at home with iffy parents.


Some battles can not be won no matter

the great sex. The lies became truths

when marriage was suggested. The fix

was in, but most women had to wait

for the love of their lives to get

out of jail, kick drug habits, or

lose the need for other women.









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yeah and they are getting

yeah and they are getting worse!! although one good thing, the demographics don't include those couples who live together, have kids, and never stray, but chose not to or could never afford to get married.  it's a small number, but you seem to like the brighter outlooks :)

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work - Is there a book somewhere on how to make a relationship last through and beyond child rearing?  Some old couple who have been together for 50 years should write it as a text book. ~allets~