When A Little Boy Hugs You


You forget your name

and where you are

because all your defenses

unfold like you are

a terminator protecting

the future.


Two plus three years of life

in your arms expressing

their version of affection

causes the world to fade

and you can feel the grass



Five year olds have endless 

endearingness and new experiences

to share with you and you know

considerable thought went into 

the decision to wrap you in good



In thirty years you will meet

again and the smile will be familiar

and the dimples will be just

for you.






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Wow totes

When a little child hugs you it's just so sweet. You wouldn't think so but really.



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I Met A Young Descendent

Yes, a great auntie, and a great nephew was caught exchanging blows at the picnic, I said nice moves and give me a high five - It was weak and I said A Deetroit hi-5. Good muscles that one. He got all the messages. Be cool - now go have fun ~allets~