So Autumn

Vintage Words


I spotted a chill in the air,

felt a leaf fall past my shoulder,

sensed the absence of summer sun,

then called out and heard the echo

of approaching Autumn.


If I were a piece of dew formed

on a leaf in September, I would

welcome that heat showed up

and presented its card one

last time.


Full swing, the leaves turn red,

then leaves turn yellow, then brown.

Squirrels take note that berries

are everywhere and storing

such for the winter is upon them

Autumn entire.


As a poetic device, Autumn means

the end of life suggesting the approach

of death. For humans there will be no

return as if they were the leaf that

crisped then crumbled, returning

to the earth.


Unable to expand time as if in a haze, 

one may rejoice rather far from 

earth-life no longer tree bound, no

longer dependent upon a once budded

bough. Enevitable fate, the human

will have no rememberance

of Autumn.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Autumn, a time of transcendence -A-

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KindredSpirit's picture


Can I get

Inbetween you two

And say

I like it all ?


I Do

allets's picture

As The Autumnal Equinox Approaches

we are in celebration of the season's change. Do not go between, join us, we will be the three witches of All Hallow's Eve. BYOC - bring yr own cauldron.(Ending for my short story-serial killer who has targeted the 3 musketeers, or he is gay, or somethng else, suggestions welcome.) - A -

Lady A


KindredSpirit's picture

Are you serious ?

At least you are cheering me up.

I will suggest something if I knew where you were.

In the story that is.

Trip story.

You and Dove have to save me

From that gay serial killer.

He kidnapped me and if he cant convert me

He will kill me.

You want more ?


KindredSpirit's picture

You two put a poem spell

On him.
So he likes you temporarily
And he let's me go.
I don't know
He'll lose interest in you
And I will take care of him then.

allets's picture

A Kidnapping?


Lady A


KindredSpirit's picture

I don't know

If I can keep up with you two

But I am ready for the change

In the season.


The last comeback to Dove was the Best.

allets's picture

All Over The Map, True

Time to come home, been star dancing again. :DSurprised

Lady A