A Song For Me

Vintage Words


My favorite place is Lighthouse Park

During daylight hours and after dark

Sand grains and stones to walk upon

I will visit there after I'm gone.


My ashes will be strewn nearby

Six feet under is no way to lie.

There will be no gathering of friends and kin

One should end the way they begin.


In between birth and ending

My love to life is what I'm sending.

We live in eternity's blinking eye

Time has no meaning bye and bye.


I take joy as it comes and goes

Celebrating high highs, low lows.

I shed tears and followed wherever they led

Life, afterall, is felt best in the head.


Day after day is fine as fine

Taste every day like sips of wine.

Tomorrow will be better yet

But today each breath's to be

well met.






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