Hey Kid

Vintage Words


Hey kid! You are in a protected

environment away from all

the awfulness as you now live

behind blinds, comfortably

installed inside a wealthy

and safe home.


Hey kid! Enjoy the calm, the secure.

Enjoy all these feelings that will vanish

with your introduction to hellishness

and future strife.


Hey kid! When you go out

on your own, most likely high

school and then college,

remember my advice. Always

be cool.


And, hey kid! Approach the unknown

and unknowable with mental calm.

If it feels wrong, walk away.

It's just easier.






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OMG ... please dont feel sad... This wee little creature will al

always be there though a bit far away



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I Am Not Sad

Hey kid is a wish to those who will encounter evil, to recognize and rebuke it. Not all poems are happy, but a sign pointing toward happier possibilities. Thanks for being there. -A-