It Is Nice To Write

Vintage Words


It's nice to write and not use up ink

or have to sharpen pencils. Or worry

that the paper with lines is running

out or that the light is fading.


It's nice to read so many words

composed and shared anonymously.

No worry that the book will end

or that the light is fading.


It's nice to emote inside poems so cold

they chill the shivering mind. Then, the

warmth of the next poem you read melts

such cool endeavors while illuminating

the page's arc in a light

never fading.






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bishu's picture

Yes !!!!!!!! you are right !!!!!

Creating some pattern is worth the effort.. Liked this one Smile



allets's picture

Ah Bishy

There you are! Ours again. I am gratified to be correct in something one and a great while. So glad liked is your assessment. ~(:D)~. Stella



bishu's picture

Me assessing you !! I dont have the audacity

You have been my guiding star on postpoems



allets's picture

Stella Means Star

by daylight and shouted loudly by the godfather. Just writin' some poetry :D -allets-




borbug's picture

nicely made a

nicely made a point...

allets's picture

Occasionally I Make A Point

Not often enough probably. Thanks you for the read and kind comment.  :D ~allets~