Gardens and The Beetles That Eat Them

Vintage Words


Exposed as if a light flashed

on while you were sleeping

and voila! There, beneath

the zinnias a leaf half gone

with holes.


Often hidden, the hungry

eat away the effort of the Fall

and Spring but come summer,

it is time to feast and hide.

Uncovered and espied, 

as if a fresh turned shovel 

full of earth wriggled

with all kinds of life forms

that burrow or scurry away

from light and danger. Spray

only kills the flower, browning

the leaves, wilting the brilliant



Too many to kill because those

hit die and more fly in. Powder,

lightly sprinkled, delays the 

inevitable and may preserve

the season of blooming until 

the snows come.









Author's Notes/Comments: 

The joys of flower gardening :D slc

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