If You Hate

Vintage Words


Hard is one way to hate. Usually,

in time, it causes your life to become

unnecessarily muted. The hate sinks

in deeply and despoils the perception

of everything.


Dark is neat and easy for hating.

That which will not be contained

or controlled gets free unfortunately

for the haters.


Depression results. Apathy becomes 

the mood of choice because it did not

happen for you like you thought it,

by right, should. 


Cold as a feeling against all the people

who are not you makes it hard and dark

and chilled as if this attitude is an

aftershock of a great tragedy or holocaust.


No food and no water scenarios turn readily

to bleeding with no antibiotics or nurses.

No bandages thinking is for others. Not you

ever. Until it happens and you are not

ready for what you so easily and always

have relegated to the curse of the little








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love a good holier than thou poem :D slc

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Very real, very deep poem. Of

Very real, very deep poem. Of course I had to read it because of the title :p

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A Good Title

means good publicity - thank you for your time taken to read and comment. It is much appreciated . In a mood. -A-