Self Portrait

Vintage Words


You gotta.

Not as a rule

or a mandate.

You just gotta.


Repeat after me:

"I am a great person."

200 times daily

or as needed.


You gotta.

Not for anyone

but you to sing

happiness in

the mirror until

it is reflected

in your head.

You just gotta.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

You have to be your own cheerleader when your world takes a dip/dive/plummet. Up up with me is the mantra. Up up with people follows :D



ps: This is post 1000


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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

congrats on 1000 posts!!!

congrats on 1000 posts!!! thats awesome!! this is a perfect upbeat poem, worthy of the celebration

allets's picture

thank you very very

ithe poem felt good to write, to encourage, and yes, celebrate: the 1000 posts was a marathon and lots of fun -slc-



bolt's picture

U r amazin'....

This is what I needed for the moment, congratulations....

luv- bolt..  :)

allets's picture

I Thought It So Simple

and a bit lame to say what I said, but I'm into lame these days - light and happy and if inspiring along the way, so be't. Luv u 2  bolt- slc