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I don't know what was so important out there in the world when I was three that I got so little of your attention. It's okay. As it turns out, the attention given my siblings was enough to keep me prisoner to my imagination and school. I didn't turn out a druggie or an alcoholic. Not my issues. Yay me!


So, you found other children interesting and I sat quiet in a corner unaware that cuddling is a really nice thing at six and words like "I love you" were never heard from you or grandma or siblings, only a few friends along the way, a couple of hugs. I was raised mostly by strangers who became surrogate parents and siblings. Kudos to them. As cookies go, I am well rounded and turned out pretty good.


Now, at 65, I look back and think how easy it would have been to give those small things, the love gesture, the word of encouragement. The killer part is that it would not have cost you anything. Looking back, I have sent love and hope and charity to lots of youngsters - knowing how the need is there even if not felt at the time.







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The beginning to this really

The beginning to this really struck home to me. I grew up with five brothers, so it was easy to fall back in a shadow, knowing the difference between love, and neglect. Then meeting people who kind of went through what you did, you realize you make up the gap in that part of their heart, because you were providing for them what they never had to begin with.  

"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo

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Absorption Rates

It's all good - you learn from it and become you. And I know you are good. So am I (most of the time) :D