Vintage Words


The way you feel after writing a good

poem, or making a phone call

delayed far too long. Hearing a tune

you have not heard in years even

though you can't sing it like before,

you hum it and feel good.


Looking into the eyes of a relative

you like best, seeing the human there,

the counterpart of you, descended

from the same ancestors is good,

absolutely.  Acknowledgment of a

sharing that needs no proofs, No

mirrors is equally good.


Ecstatically happy is artificial

and ususally induced by a sugar high

or hormonal rush. Drugs create the sense

of bliss that only lasts a while like

a brief love affair gone too soon

and vanishes with all the joy.


Contented is a goal reached when sad

or in trouble, worried about a beloved,

a death that takes you out of your mind

to a zone of sheer emptiness, or the

outcome of a venture gone wrong and

bankruptingly bad concluded. Consolation

lives in standing against every kind

of odds and declaring victory following

defeat. It is about attitude, that 

"I fucked that up royally!" attitude.


I'm talking about that smile or that belly

hurting laugh at the self when adversity

kicks you hard.  It is a compromise; happiness

for contentment. You just gotta always be in

your own corner.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the sad and lonely and lost - be happy, find company, and get found ~Stella~


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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

oh stella,

thats so beautiful and sweet and kind and wise :) i don't know who you meant it for, but it just happened to be exactly what i needed to hear :)

allets's picture

Intended for

All the readers who are blue. I just came out of a funk recently - dropped my private messaging and went for writing to elevate and entertain. If this small offering was what you needed - I celebrate with you. Blushing through the compliments ~Stella~




Anretsuhn's picture

This is nice.

I can relate to most of it, exept for the part about the children. I don't have any children. Or nieces or nephews or whatever.



allets's picture

Glad You Relate

Someone once said we live in saddness and pain and find little Islands of happiness along life's journey - like that. I used to think other people were more happy than I was, but they are in the same boat. Contentment rocks! ~a~