Yellow Roses

Vintage Words


I remember pink roses as a tyke.

I remember white catulpa flowers

that looked like lilies. Yellow

was a color for hoola hoops and

Laffy Taffy, not flowers.


The lady up the street had orange

day lillies. That was as close to

yellow as we got, that and the lily

like  centers of the catulpa or

the furry  centers of berry bush blooms.

There  was the brief appearance of

forsynthia in a few backyards and the

omnipresent appearance every spring

of the habitual dandelion.


Yellow tulips grew far away from our

street. Yellow roses were flowers

for dreaming, not seeing and picking

to fill vases like I used to do for

those pink beauties.







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Nature's modt beautiful math problem.

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It Was A Great Childhood

Climbing trees - and never fell and broke anything - We never picked anyone's flowers, only those in our own yard. Flowers had magic~and math :D -allets-