Woven, Imagined, or Fained

Vintage Words


Lovers in dreams share similar

characteristics to the hero or prince

saver of the day who I hope exists

on earth with the possibility that

I might run into him  and he

will smile at me.


Dreams as fantasies colliding, denying

that you will meet the guy who appeals

to every aesthetical concepts for beauty

you own? Are you prepared for the image

of the self-made profile? He will be

the perfection of muscle and lines 

you thought would never occur

in nature?


I say all this to remind myself that

dreams can come around the corner. If

yours has not arrived yet, I recommend

it as a topic to consider. My idea

realized was at the Chicago Institute

of Arts and my daughter saw him at

the same time, locked eyes, and smiled

then whispered: "Did you see that!" 







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Art is not the only thing in museums ladies :D slc

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