Freeze Fall


Frozen as if the earth stopped its spin

to let the constellations stay. Keeping

colors at perfection's peak, preserved or

in a swirling of leaves perpetually

falling, are the only two possible endings.


Autumn eternally chilled on a fast day

and a long evening yearning for a winter

that is beyond a seasonal wall in an

equally frozen time glad for the lovers

of ice and cold wind.


This Fall dances on frostbitten mornings,

replaces sunlight with cloud and brisk breezes.

Fall's steps are gross with colors that temper

the heart and salve souls against the pending

whites of winter.


Come see the Autumnal Equinox as if at a

fallen Equator a new Aurora is birthed to

spread oranges and golds, peach maple,

and yellow willow leaves to brush against

the reddest reds of barberry and the holly's












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corcorthebabydragon's picture

ah. so cold yet so

ah. so cold yet so refreshing. Win!

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a poem writes itself - hey poem, wait up! I have a particular fondness for this one, crisp and "Yeah" a win for me too. Thanks for your kindness and taking time to read and comment. I appreciate that a lot ~allets~