Summer As An Idea

Vintage Words


Sashaying across what

would otherwise be dirt,

summer dreams spewing

colors across tilled fields

and flower beds, in search

of any place to set

seeds or bulbs. Birds

and the wind are the best

friends of summer.


Every year the sun sends joy

and the birds visit which makes

me smile. Gone, the dark clouds

of snowfall and gloom. Gone,

the cold, replaced by warmth near

the hearth of my mind.







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LutherSeahand's picture

Lovely as lovely gets.  I'm

Lovely as lovely gets.  I'm there, with you, in that delightful scene.  

Can't think of any other place I'd rather be right now.




allets's picture

Cheers Too

Every now and then I got to nature for the peace of the pastoral. Glad you came along for a stroll in the garden like no other on earthl Thanks for the rare comment - it is soooooo welcome, my poempal LutherSeahand -Stella-



AngryLaughter's picture


Lying on petals in every color

While bumblebees lazily buzz around

Only stopping to tickle your nose!

allets's picture

"...petals in every color..."

I like your summer view and the tickle rocks! ~a~




Diamond_Wills_New_War's picture

As a kid I loved summer. It

As a kid I loved summer. It was the season of freedom, a time to be out of school and do as I wish. Now though as an adult, I hate it. It's hot and boring, the rain doesn't come enough and it makes me long for Fall. For the leaves to change color, for the mornings to be cold and the daylight to be short. To look upon the constellations and revel in their stories, for Halloween and Thanksgiving, for the madness of football. Ah summer can be nice, but Fall should be eternal.

Long days and pleasant nights


allets's picture


Frozen as if the earth stopped its spin

to let the constellations stay keeping

colors at peak preserved

or in a swirling of leaves perpetually

falling. Autumn eternally chilled

on a fast day and a long evening

yearinng for a winter that is beyond

in equally frozen timeglades

for the lovers of ice and cold wind.


Lady A






and_hera_met_zeus's picture

stunningly beautiful!!!

stunningly beautiful!!! you've really outdone yourself!  you should be proud!

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The Poet As Painter

It has been a while since I painted with words - felt good. My seasonal poem, ode to summer - it will not last much longer and it was glorious! ~a~