Vintage Words


The ground slips against a lack 

of desired support. Eyes flutter, 

memories make history. Regret loves

a hard metal mold of a gentle kiss

so as not to be lost ever.


Speaking becomes difficult as if 

the language learned and spoken 

since youth becomes words no longer

owning meaning. Bad luck is like 

words that lose their meaning,

no one wants to own them. No one

can denounce them.


Wet is a concept associated 

with rain as a riverfthat morphs

into condensation. Whenever

the hand rises to move water

elsewhere the mind rebels

and goes into denial that

the tale on the tv and radio

news is wrong.


You never made love in your life.

Never swiped at moisture beading

and flowing like waterfalls down

the left thigh. Sweating is a lot

like weeping; ridding the body

of too much working to believe

in living.






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