I Still Feel This Way

Vintage Words


I speak words that have meaning

and are worth utterance. My written

words are suspect. I feel the air

grow thick with disgust for opinions

that I am not entitled to say anything

in certain company. I will speak

anywhere. I will write.


I inhale to form words and exhale

them with abandon not knowing that

words have more power than I initially

gave them. Some lessons repeat

and do not stick.


I was once told that I should not

think about certain people or in

certain areas. Not human enough, I

guessed. When you are roundly

instructed to be silent, that is

the moment to speak out or write

it down.


By saying a thing, it enshrines wisdom

and takes on magic enough to change the

world a little. Those who say be quiet

are full of evil and will die

full of evil.







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I never could keep My mouth

I never could keep My mouth shut and it cost Me a pretty penny along the way.

 A toast to those who speek out no mater the cost !

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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It Is Good To Hear YOUR Voice

Amen, brother ~A~