Fun With Dick & Jane


Was it Puff the Cat

or Spot the Dog

that ran so much?


Run Spot Run.

Go Puff Go.

See Sally run.

Run Jane Run.


Okay, there are many

ways to teach kids

how to read. This

kind of instruction

explains why I am

a poet and not

a millionaire today.


Write poet write.

See poet go.

See poet go write.

Fly dollars fly.


I threw that last

part in so everyone

except the old timers

of Dick and Jane

Primers can feel







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KindredSpirit's picture

Reading ( as a subject )

Don't get me started.

Or flip this coin

And tell me if the horses are drinking yet.


allets's picture

The Horses ARE drinking!

Martinis at the local bar. I have been leading them there daily and trying to convince them that bourbon is in short supply this year and there are whisky sours and margaritas available, but leading is all I could do. They won't drink Hayden's or Svdka. One asked me the other day if they still made Boone's Farm and malt liquor. It's soooo exasperating. Sitting on  street corner swilling Thunderbird (and flipping coins) is their idea of a good time. :D ~a~



KindredSpirit's picture

I think you know what

I was talking about.

If someone does not want to learn

All the money in the world

Is not going to help.

Simple as that.


allets's picture

U Get Me

& it is nice to be gotten. Gin, I forgot gin. Gin will convince one who won't drink to guzzle. Gin - the meaning of life :D - Thank you for your friendship. ~a~