Subset of Nothing


I always suspected that nothng

exists. A dream verified it, a poet

said it, and now I know it is true.

Nothing is out there floating around

the galaxies avoiding black holes full

of gravity, dancing between suns

as if oxygen was never the ultimate

prerequisite for being.


Nothing is what you feel when all

is lost or gone or missing. Absence

is cousin to nothing. They were

born twins, but grew too close

and had to be separated at birth

for diversity.


If opposites have attractive qualities

then nothing pulls something into its realm

eventually. Nothing is the nowhere that

Gods walk and pull existence from as if

it was idly fingered from a sacred







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well put. that last stanza..
"nothing pulls something into its realm eventually"
"nothing is the nowhere where gods walk"

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Your genius lives in syntax and connections. You have a good eye and vocabulary accompanied by a unique "voice" well suited to writing. Glad something here connected. Thanks for the visit. ~A~