Unkka Bud

Vintage Words

Was the walk, the big hand
held on route to ice cream,
the rake in a pile of leaves,
the whiskers at the head
of holiday tables.
Grandma loved him in spite
of all kinds of behaviors
and responses. So did we.
Now he is a fireworks display
seen from the front porch,
remembered for the light
he sheds against dark skies
and always, always
in Technicolor and High


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Yes! After so long it is

Yes! After so long it is great to read a wonderful allets work. So much sentiment! I love!

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So glad u back with us poofs - u were missed - glad u liked ~a~



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Hello there, poet.  Not sure

Hello there, poet.  Not sure if you know it, but your private messaging is disabled. 

Everything alright?



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Jason notified, can not be fixed. I have an old computer and an administrator who is an Tech wizard for filters and keeping our internal network clean - Or I have disabled it and can't get it back, one or other. Out of the loop again - but old buddies know how to find me - see you around the site ~a~