Faking It

Vintage Words


Letting my hair down

is hard with an afro, but

braided and ready for bed

works. Make-up was never

an obligatory thing.

Oh, a bit of lipstick

mostly  kept the mouth


I hide from people I know

and don't like that much.

I hide from people I am

supposed to love; feeling

instead wicked version

of blandness.
I look at pictures of people

who are dead and wonder: Could

I have loved you more? The
answer is out there moldering

and turning to ashes or yellowing

along edges, like a torn and cracked

photo hard to look at.




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Like it KS

Like it


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Nice to read this Respected Lovely Fare Madam SLC :)

A potato of the human size

Picked by a lady so wise

She painted it glittery white

Till it shone even in dim light

She drew two peanut lips

Alas the potato had no hips

Yet she's now a star on earth

SLC your poem has some girth

~Best wishes from a cracked potato- sans- lipstick aka cauliflower pssst.. Lipstick on ladies looks nice !!! Long ago I had a poem on lipstick which you commented on.. http://www.postpoems.org/authors/bishu/poem/967781 It is a keepsake even now. Your tutoring makes me go vroom 2060 seems so far away. My bags are packed and ready for the long trip.... to.. unowhere Laughing



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wrote a poem for whatshername and she is so honored. Yes, my bags are packed, I put stuff in, take stuff out, put other stuff in - but all I really need is pen and paper for uknowwhere. I am so glad I found postpoems online...so many wondrous writers here, including uknowwho :D



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Poignant write Very thought

Poignant write Very thought provoking it really spoke to me. Thank you for posting it.

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Posted Poem

From time to time I infuse a poem with a piece of me - this one reflects a lot of experience - glad you found it thought inducing - which is the point, right? :D ~allets~



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Of course it's the point.

Of course it's the point. It's just finding something pointy enough and strong enough to get through my thick skull. lol...

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Poems With Points

Hmmmm.... no, yes, do I? Is it? Yep, I feel a poem comin' on:
Like jacks, if you press
too hard the hand
imprints little points
like five fingered stars.
Purposeful and sharp
like a keep blade
honed and honed
until no one will
touch it, even the chef.
There are razors
and scalpels, but the poet
will slice, dice, and mince
the mind to imagination
dust with a mere quill.
Lady A