We Are Alive

Vintage Words


At the best of times, we inhale
all we possibly can to prove
the theorem, the supposition,
that we live.
During the worst of occurrences
we imagine the best to douse
the awful or try to patch over
the cuts and burns to ease
and condole what lives.
Metamorphing daily, we
dutifully exhale to expend
the unnecessary, keep what helps
and heals, declaring before
sleep and when waking:
"We are the living."


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KindredSpirit's picture

Age and living

People age so differently.

Ringo was 75 today and looks great .

I am watching Jane Fonda right now

She is 77. 

Looks so good for being 77.

There is hope Lady A.


allets's picture

Happy Birthday Ringo Starr

I was/am a Beatlemaniac (from the early 60's to now) I concur. Humans age differently ~ Fonda (Klute Acaedmy Award) was fab in Newsroom. Anybody seen Tina lately? :D