Bailout Fallout

Vintage Words


I went to get my rent
and only got a pittance.
I saw my banker for a loan
and found all deals
were off.
My pension is safe, but
if I deposit it in the bank
I can only get a few euros
in exchange.
Life without money
means bartering for essentials.
It is time to buy a wood burner,
learn how to purify water,
and collect as many antibiotics
and pain pills as possible.
The long hot summer

is upon us again.


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  All very dire Allets, but


All very dire Allets, but near the mark I think. It is always about time for the public purse to be protected from private markets and endeavours; their terms being so de-humanizing. The public purse is a measure of stability of economy for millions and billions of people worldwide; it is not to back rich people and their debts, or their misuse of our economies to enable them to get rich whether they win or loose on the Stock Exchange, don't you think?

Stimulating and popular topic to write about and think about, great work!!

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Bail Outs

Have become a norm and the cost inestimable. ~A~