Raindrop Dodging


I dodge raindrops, the way they fall
like too many words from lips
that should rest. Still water, so much
water, keeps coming attempting
deluge. Failing to cover the mind

creates a heavy saturation. A shield

is needed to cover the literary

processes adequately.
It starts as spattering, covering

the porch wood with dots until 
it becomes wet with intent to make

me buy something I can not afford.

Where did all these receipts come from?

The debt will be paid in words. Words

I have.

Dodging plethoric raindrops
increases the potential for more
encounters with heavy droplets.

I look up and let it slid from my

face to the dirt where it belongs.

Fully slanted, visibly moist,

umbrellas are useless. Let it flow

off the banks of the forehead
until it becomes a river.
The day opened in slow gray,
began with rain, ended with rain.
Dashing for cover is a good activity
for a writer of way too many words.
My empty wallet hopes the letters
will interlock and provide a shield
against an inevitable wetness.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is raining in Kolkata.

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bishu's picture

Yes it is raining in Kolkata.. Happy at 10-52 pm




allets's picture

Is It Monsoon Season?

Dear Bishy:
I wish you rain that is pure and that nourishes and replenishes (and cools down) :D ~allets~



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Yes it is MONSOON !!!!!!!




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writing chapters in kmansman novel where brave warriors are rescuing vilborn from treacherous tornadic Monsoon for the first time ever at Azari Sector. It is so much fun to write in rainswells - yo ho me hearties, yo ho! :D slc