Poet Circle


We run around in them as if

it were a map. We run everywhere
with our pens waving and an

occasional quill.
No one stops us. Editors want

to meet us, but we can not stop running
searching for the perfect zero.
We tried taking geometry
but they wanted us to matriculate
to physics and we did not
have the math.
We write and run in orb-like pathways,

burning rubber like teenagers squealing
tires, ending up where we began.

Innocence is our code word, beauty

our motto, our love is strange and blue,

but we keep lots of it in our pockets,

satchels, manilla envelopes, scribbled

on pits of found paper ir rewritten

on your heart's sleeve.


Love us for our dedication to the circular.

Belive in us for the motion of our lives.
We deal in the hard capital of words.
Occasionally, we spin the chambers

of both drawn and aimed colts, aim

and shoot you with similes, but mostly,

like twin handled sidearms, we keep them

holstered and riding law and easy

at both hips.
Most people do not understand us. Try
as we would, we are unable to stop the orbit
of our days. We fail to meet the minds
of our readers, too engaged in whirling ideas,
obsessed by letters that have no space to begin
or end. Basically, we bear the burden
of sojourning, too busy getting around.



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Much much enjoyed Respected SLC and ALL the comments




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So Did I, Bishu

Struck a chord seems :D slc



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i was in a circle and then

i was in a circle and then the lines went straight and lead me to a lake so I could cool down. it's too darn hot in this town!


enjoyes the read, A...

Copyright © morningglory

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And Then...

you picked up a stick, unawares, and began drawing circles in the sand, and when that was not enough, you made circular motions with your toes in the water. Inescapable, poet circles {:D}



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I'm feeling I need some poet

I'm feeling I need some poet circle assistance. Have stories in my head but not liking the way I'm flowing. Considering possible collaborations so I can remember how to use my fingers to find a rhyme or just decent words for storyline. Game? Anyone! I don't have tons of time to sit and write but I'd sure like to dedicate a few moments of my time.

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Not Writing Much

these days either. The world is in turmoil and impacting my muse's ability to inspire joy and happiness writes. In transition, I am thinking about joining P.A. (Poet's Anonymous). The ten steps: Pick up electronic ink pen and after a manicure, type as much emotional vacuum as you can spare. Two: tag you are it. Give me five PA tenants and I will add four more and we can jointly publish on PP. :D Ah, no PM on your home page. Whew! Do I dare and do I dare?
Read my section on writer's block in prose. It won't help, but I need the comments. Also, poetry comes (I am told) from the heart. Heart surgery may be the cure or nitroglycerine. Inhale, exhale, find some gusto. I'm just plum tuckered ~ hope you find a collaborator able to lift their fingers to the keyboard. - allets



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Explosives rampage the blocks!

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Metaphorical Explosives

against writer's block - or a BLOCKBUSTER, hmmmm... :D



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Oh, I just read this. I guess

Oh, I just read this. I guess 1 or 2 doesn't = 4 or 5. I should do a better job. No PM on my profile? Weird, I do recieve PMs. Huh.

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I have Admin Looking Into PM absence

It's a glitch of some kind. Maybe it just appears on other poet's screen when they call up our poems. I noticed too that the notation to send a message to a poet on a specific poem is gone too. I can still PM poets on their author info screen or from my friends list. Odd. Huh is right! Stella