Exposure To The World


It was once called an apple;
knowledge of the evil
out there.
Now they try to keep
women inside boundaries
unexposed to evil
or good.
Afuture, women will enjoy
the world as men and then
their children will smirk
every time they pass
an apple tree.


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All is good huh

I'm not that young

I pity the kids

I have lived a life

That has burned things

Into my brain

I wish i could forget.

Thus a snippet for you

As AC/DC would say

" Have a drink on me " .


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I Adore AC/DC

They are EVOL! I could not burn my bra during the revolution, I only had one. Old attitudes and customs die hard based on drilled in traditions. Time to toughen up. If not, we will use a "back door man." :D