Spare words under fingernails tuck
grammatical accuracy, mostly luck
that clamors for thunder and wonder
scratching out lyric to put meaning under.
The product is the creator as an audacious 
aviator of airy passages exploring the sensuous.
The writer sits in front of fancy mirrors
shattered and broken searching for errors.
The result is what forever-letters contain
existing like a hard to wash out stain.
Word work reigns in tears, the water of pain.
Joy rules to explain palpable gain. Inciter,
igniter, tighter and tighter, imagery defines
motivations of writers.
Excavator of verbiage, plowing nouns like earth.
growing rhyme like nursery verse. Delighter
of the allusion, defeating confusion. Truth told, 
it's mostly delusion. Witty biter, soul inspirer
counting meter like a mighty measurer
equaling ultimately the entity called writer.



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This is the first one of your

This is the first one of your works I've read that rhymes ^_^ and being that it's so masterfully done, I understand why you don't typically strive for that structure. It must be because you like to challenge yourself and constantly create something new and innovative. My most favorite aspect of your poetry must have to be your imagery; it never does disappoint. Your fluidity here is also beautiful, but most of all, I love the playful cleverness that is this poem. Terrific, like always! :)

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Belated Thank You

Sometimes, not often, a song from this brain just to have fun and a light mood. Your comment was well sent and very much well received. ~A~



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Nice definition of a

Nice definition of a writer!


" Tears,  the water of pain" Excellent



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Thank So MUCH

It was a joy to write. Glad you found it a worthwhile read. Belatedly, my gratitude for your comment. ~A~