Writing Is Work


It is work, writing.
Write, edit, rewrite
re-edit. Start
over. Keep what works,
cross off what
Write it the way it
comes first, then rework
it. Try a different
motif, add a motif, erase
both motifs. Forget
Start another verse
keeping true to the first
two verses and the title.
Then reword it, scratch
the middle, enhance
the end, use adjectives
and better, stronger


Yeah, it's your
poem, you can change
the title. Work it!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a rather eclectic approach to literary work :D slc

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Awww my Dear Respected Bunch of Roses......

You are indeed one of the best ... since you take the trouble & time to edit & rewrite... Your suggestion is very very practical & I believe all budding poets must follow this... to be famous.. Now please don't make me feel guilty !!! No.. I may not follow your advice .. My three-liner of today is self explanatory.. You taught me how to write in the first place how can I forget that.... I promise to edit & polish all my posts before 1st Jan 2060... Maybe I'll delete some too.. I shall always remain your sloppy wellwisher who is still trying to know the bearings of true poetry.. I'll learn..... Best wishes.. Have a nice day / night ~bishu~



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Like All Poets

technically, you just stumble upon a good write. I did not teach you to write, your mind did, and a wondrous entity that is. I miss your stories of the streets of Kolkata and the people and the cultural items you mention that we have to ask you about. Be well and write, write, write. Editing is for squares. If it's from your head, it's finished. 2060 or bust! ~(:D)-




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What a way to define work,

What a way to define work, Stella.  Write, edit, rewrite, cross off, change titles and what not? Nice little poem that help writers like us to be inspired of what you have said.



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It's How I Work

and how I approach prose and poetry. To finish and polish it and buff it till it glows. Some, I know, write to express and that's great too. After 40 plus years of writing, it becomes craft and discipline. Thanks for the encouraging comment. U rock!