He came to the town like a ghost
floating along the street barely
touching ground. It was the hat.
And the trench coat right
out of a Bogart movie.
He told the town's folk he was
summoned. He was nearly
laughed out of town, but being
friendly and welcoming,
they let him roam.
She was not possessed. Her
house was not possessed.
When she saw him something
inside her wanted to expatriate.
His cross was cliché, his holy
incantation an imitation
of the spells written in scary
books about demons.
We all have our demons. She
had several; an ex-husband,
two ex-boyfriends, a dead child
she had raised for her sister.
The from beyond visitation
was not her Hell to live. She
locked her pain away and thought
the man a pretender.
He left without a word, his work
done, it seemed to most town's folk.
What was odd is that she began
looking for love again and no one

could remember what the stranger

in the trench coat looked like.

Some remembered that he wore

a hat.



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