Petrified Cacti


Cacti lined streets laugh at the construction

of quickcrete water dams. The sand blows

and the petrified trees take notice. Carvings

of bees among painted insects are granite

graffiti humming in the imaginations of those

who once strolled along salt lakesides.


They represent long ago memories their parents

bequeathed them from their youth about

mountains that wept small frozen teardrops.

Skies were brilliant once with light. Rain

was rumored to fall from clouds. 


In pictures, above ancestors, a mythical sun.

Earth spins now as then, gravity anchored. 

Tell me, do the planets look on or do they nod

off dreaming of what used to be with humans

and what might be tomorrow without them?






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Your new style is wonderfully nice




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U Taught Me!

You R my model and guide, Bish. - slc