Like A Love Poem


Lift the head slowly.

Hear the heart that heeds

slow words softly



Repeat the words

until they become blue

haze coalesced endlessly

as ions transcending

alchemy's lair.


A fire's choir here heard

like the heaviest notions

of bliss equaling a

spontaneous appearance

of emotion. 


In a blur of breath, smoke

thick as blue's muse, bears

the appearance from solid

imagination to semi-permeable

mind sphere.


Then, begin the rite. Lower

the head slowly.







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Gorgeous script, some of my

Gorgeous script, some of my favourite words. Beautifully rendered! 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Thank's SSmoothie

Writing is an exploration in seeking out good words - "favorite words?" wow, glad to have found a few of yours - Yours in writing ~slc~





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Very nice.

Blue words and orange stars complement eachother well.  Fantasmic!

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The poems evolve...

the stars are ever changing :D ~slc~




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The lines flow sweetly and gently like the great Missisipi.  Lifting the head and lowering it with a concrete imagination really makes me ponder over my imagination. Thanks for the nice presentation with apt words that induce everyone's emotion.


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Thanks For The Heart Sent Comment


See poem by Langston Hughes : The Negro Speaks of Rivers. It was one of my first inspirations as a writer.


The poet rejoices at such a comment. Interestingly, I wrote the lift head stanza inside, then with the ending rewritten three times, it seemed appropriate to start the flowing with the head rising. I am happy that you enjoyed the offering and walked around in the motif as intended. ~Stella~




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Liked the soft silky fluffy-white-as-cloud light weave

Respected Madam Orangestar........... This poem matches your present profile picture.Soft and appealing to the finer senses semi,sphere,slowly,blur,bliss,blues, bluehaze

coalesced endlessly... wow !!! what words !! Never knew you wrote like this !!! Someday I'll use these words in a future poem ... ~Wellwishes fan b~

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I Was Affected


by the word "alchemy" and emptying techniques after reading satisverma. Thank you for the encouragement. You are welcome to utilize any of the words in the list you made - I would be honored. Besides it would be a returned favor since you taught me to combine words to form new ones as non standard compound words like bluehaze - a new way of saying more. You rock! ~Star~