Mate Prerequisites For Males & Females


Tote and shoot up elsewhere

and you seemed like such a nice

guy. No, my things are not

your things. She was cute too.

Okay, I'll pick you up. No?

Under no conditions should I

come near where you live.



Fill in all that apply: I am not a) addicted

to drugs b) married c) looking for money

to pay me and my wife's bills d) just

out of prison, e) mostly violent.


Knowing going in is better

than investing love in unlovable

usurious bad news. If unsure,

try this test. Are you currently:

a) a church goer b) sane c) owner

of a new car d) healthy physically

and mentally e) living at home

with your mom & dad f) employed

g) venereal disease challenged?


That pretty much covers the pre-test.

Unfortunately, it never ends as conditions

tend to change hourly and loneliness

tends to make one sseking love to go

blind.who loves blind.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Theses are the prerequistes. The actual course is excrutiatingly demanding. ~allets~



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 I feel you, I've revealed this to my girls, 16 and 19 to protect their hearts, and boy, if you want them, you will learn they need little outside,  and see more than most.  I'm not sure of avoiding. I'm fairly believing we attract what we love and what we fear, and thats why we are here,,,,to discover there is only love, and all else is fear that will trip the light fantastic with all that stems....anger, resentment, greed, envy....all begin with fear of loss or not enough. Our soul needs nothing, its just here to experience, and this is where we get to choose to feel love and loss, to choose.  

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Exactly. Choice

We live by our choices and with them. We chose who we love and who we give our hearts to in order to be happy, not to chose unwisely and court misery. Life is short, enjoy it! ~Star~




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Love this Lady A. :) 

Love this Lady A. :) 

"It is a terrible thing to be so open. It is as if my heart put on a face and walked into the world" -- Sylvia Plath.

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Thanks For Stopping By For A Reading

If only I'd known going in what to avoid. A few shared thoughts.  This is for the clueless - unknowing - and unsuspicious. It's the world we live in - be at peace, hugz ~Star~