Send Heat

Vintage Words


Put a sample on a post card and mail

or capture some like moonbeams

and put it in a small envelope to be felt

by the fingers upon receipt. The funace

does its best, the afghans and throws

have holes in them. Send heat and love,

but mostly send heat.


Heat is the friend of ice and hail

stones, a buddy to snow, and a kindred

shadows of icicles. It is a thermodynamic myth

that heat is released when snow melts

forming ice and stalactites of frozen water

on the eves. They drip cold coats

from the gutters outside my warmed



Send it wrapped in Christmas wrappings

or Birthday wrappings. Heat, the breakfast

of champions and frozen things. My nose has

been running for two weeks and is wishing

for heat, the heart of warmth, the mother of fire,

the offspring of all things tepid.


Send heat. Please. Blow breath and poetics

in a tissue, fold quickly, stuff in thermo-sealed

container, and ship to cold places where when

opened happiness emerges in the form

of the best gift ever next to love.








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