To cleanse the mind of thinking

is so Zen; allowing the unthinkable

to occur without assistance while

contemplating  essence found

in contemplation. Maybe.


 As a concept embraced or a philosophy

 believed; bleached and invisible

 notations scratched on the backside

 of strange histories is one way

 to atempt to see the world. Possibly.


Antiseptic as an introduction to anything

but healthcare does not work well in front 

of dreams or ideas, beliefs or schemes.



Keeping the mind clean has some

merit, but the day is deeper and filled

with interest when a bit of dirt is allowed

to collect under the emotional and mental

fingernails. Yes.







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For U Madam Allets a translation from "Ramkrishna Kathamrita" ... Be like a duck.Dip yourself in dirty water and come out without wetting your feathers...." My knowledge is very very little.... I simply scribble off the cuff to kill time.... But I assure u that I'm free of grime Laughing



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Free of Grime

You make me laugh. I envy that fans are needed to ward off heat. I don't want to know our current temperature - it was snowing the last time I looked out the window. Cricket is big worldwide - but not here. Football and baseball and hockey are U.S. pasttimes. I'm not a sports watcher - saw a basketball game in Florida - All Star game - I actually enjoyed it. The dunk contest that happened before the game was fun too. ~Stella~



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.. I've never seen a real baseball game Respected Madam Allets

..... Crackers were banging in Kolkata which is thousands of miles away from Melbourne.... sea away ~Ur saltedpoisonpal bishu~



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Banging Crackers, Batman!

I do not know the rules to cricket and never saw a match. Same with polo and soccer (except when my grandson took it for a summer). During the Olympics i actually watch shockput (spelling?) with kettles & stones - and actually caught on to it a bit, but I doubt it will be followed. Figure skating is fun to watch. So is skate boarding-I catch it by accident on Xtreme sports sometimes. It is phenominal what the human body can achieve! :D ~ Yours in writing ~ Lady A ~