Take A Letter To My Muse

Missing Muse
7 Heartbroken Lane
Lonely Street U.S.A.
A.P.O. Foreign Legion
Eternity, Valhalla 77707- 7707
Dearest Long Lost Muse:

We should not have left it
the way we did so long ago
when I was angry and you,
as usual, did not care because
I had run out of gin.
I have kept all the best poems
unwritten hoping for your
input and inspiration. So
come back sooner than you
planned. I hope you are not
out there moonlighting
as somebody else's model 
or too plastered to read

this note.
It is very quiet here, no snoring
or lips smackling when you
pick odes from your teeth. It's
annoying as too many peas
in a pod, too many blackbirds,
too many robins at my door, way
too many wine bottles

in the hallway.
A map is enclosed. You never
learned to navigate so I send along
a GPS. I know you are not good
with gadget and thingamjiggies
but I sure write better when you,
drunk or sober, are around.
The Poet At The End Of This Letter

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My muse is an alcoholic. I put him in AA, but he escaped and has not been heard from since. If you see him, he has a big "Lady A" tattoo on his forehead, tell him to go home and that I stocked up on gin. :D ~

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great write.  its hard losing someone ( to anything, ) and trying to squeeze out all the emotion you felt when you had them as your muse, before you lose them in memory also. People come in seasons, don't they. Loved this. x

please read my poems, and enjoy the real-life drama that is my life!

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Personified Muse

Not a real person, a fabrication, an attribute, this particular muse equals Inspired Creativity. Kind of an answer to why poets go dry - who knows why? Muse escaped is as good a reason as any :D~Lady A~




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Why are muses always thirsty?

allets's picture

That sounds like the opening

line to a joke.
"Why are muses always thirsty?"
Because they can't hold a glass with DT's.
In a mood for uproarious laughter - thanks for the read.