World Anthem

Inhale deeply. Air is needed to sing the Anthem

of the Earth. Worthy are the kingdoms of biotic

classifications when nations sit behind their walled 

borders contemplating ramifications of dirt and a

few lessons from history's offerings. Why must

a neighbor die? What my culture taught since birth

defies the human lie. Good lungs are better.


Matter as ions and energy released for warmth

was once worthy. Ore deep-drilled filled treasure

vaults owned by aged and aging generations. Obesity

is not an answer and owing debt is a distraction. Life

is as deadly as a newly discovered cancer. Open

your lives and sing.

Ring the bell of freedom but clash the chime  
of justice counterpoint like a vibrant wail. Never 

let us fail to discuss the merits of innuendo.  

Go for the throat of what you love. Chronicle

uncaged doves. Real peace is what we dream

because there will be no prize in paradise.


Recognize the message deep in the tempest

tossed joyously and found like an ancient heirloom.

No longer deny doom as inevitable. We sing

unforgettable international harmony. We need

Earth's Anthem now.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one truly was to be continued: Major revision of the lines. Clarity is my new theme. - slc. 

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akak's picture

What an enjoyable poem and

What an enjoyable poem and helpful to me as I struggle with the difference between poetry and poetic prose.

allets's picture

Prose Poetry Rocks!

Glad you enjoyed - Lady A



Daniel-59's picture

It would be a fine world that

It would be a fine world that of which you dream.

If not for Human Nature ! 
You won't mind My skepticism of it ever happening I hope .
I'll pray for Your success but keep My gun's clean till then .
Yeah I know .
But I live with the Hope for the best and be Prepared for the worst Theory   

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

allets's picture

Prepare For The Worst

I know that's right. I have done series of optimistic poems and pithy sarcastic writes, outright bitterness as the emotional posture of choice or just plain ol pissed off writes and decided I have a wish to be happier for 2015 and beyond. No telling what will happen next, but I had to rise above it or sink into the quagmire of all kinds of negativity. Dan, if I had a gun in hand, I'd probably shoot off my poetic "feet". Thanks for the read and the reality ~(:D)- Lady A



bishu's picture

What a wonderful idea !!!!!

World Anthem 2060



allets's picture

On Isles Poetica

It will be sung by a choir as we debark from our two boats arriving from the far ends of earth's edges :D - Lady A



bishu's picture

Oh yes for sure Lady Respected A or S

Bern tody wrote about The world Flag ...    

Start designing it we must !! It will be fluttering in the warm breeze of the Indian Ocean & The Atlantic/Pacific 



allets's picture

I Shall Check It Out

This world flag. The Bern is on the bandwagon, seems. Well, that's three of us! We will design the flag and it will flutter in the breezes and monsoons of the mind ~(:D)- Lady A