I Would Never Try

This is not a love song

This is not a Shakespeare sonnet

I couldn’t write one, even if I tried


You are the sun, the moon, and the stars

The universe cannot contain you

Neither could I, even if I tried


You are the beauty that saves the world

The only majestic gleam in my eyes

I couldn’t grasp it, even if I tried


You are a castle, a fortress of strength

Guarding both love and light

I cannot escape it, even if I tried


You tread boldly to pave the way

Some follow and some stay

But I cannot turn aside, even if I tried


You are all that I have desired

And even though I found you

I would never keep you, I would never try


Your melody is free

Your song resonates forever in my heart

I would never silence it, I would never try


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Oh my!

This is sooo beautiful! I'm not sure I have read you before but you sure made me wanna read more of your work. Nice to read you!

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