Somehow Now

Step into my dream.

Off in the distant I see you smiling,
Making your way over to me.
Eagerly I skip with joy into your arms.

We gaze at each other's faces for a minute.

How can this be real?
Eyes glowing and hands shaking,
Reaching up, I touch your face.

Even the devil himself would not dare to take this moment away.

Only a tiny kiss we exchange.
Very soon it all might fade.
Every precious word is savored,

Relished, and stored up in heaven's diary.

Taking my hands you gently pull me closer,
Holding on as though for dear life.
Earth and time seem to move quicker.

Resting against you with eyes shut,

All of a sudden,
I look up.
No one is around.

Back to reality, I am startled.

Only I still dream on,
Wishing it were somehow now.

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