Once in age of innocence,
In time when all was good,
When evil still lay silent 'til
That day awaken would,


Creation called from dust of earth
A human formed from sod.
His name was Man, a breathing soul,
An image made in God.


So Man was crafted from the dirt,
And lived he happily
Until that day when loneliness
Found room to enter free.


So one more thing the Lord did make,
Though not from dust of ground.
But God instead created new
By rib in Man he found.


Her name was Woman, taken from
The side of fleshly Man.
Together were they bound by God
To live life hand in hand.


That woman was the pride of Man,
His source of help achieve
To bear with him the loads of life.
Her name he gave was Eve.


From Heaven's azure colored skies
To earthly home and lair,
None in all that perfect world
Had seen a one more fair.


Her golden tresses flowed through wind,
And sun did brightly shine
Upon her face of innocence,
Enhancing joy sublime.


Those eyes beholding all things pure
Would sparkle in their love.
As oceans blue reflect the sky,
So hers the God above.


And tender hands so soft and smooth
Could caress all away
The cares of life Man had to bear
Through each and every day.


Though beautiful she was to see,
Alas, that day would come
When tempter sought to blind her eyes
To God that truth was from.


But though she failed this test of faith,
Yet just as once her mirth
And beauty lightened up the world,
Her Seed would save the earth.


Christ would one day pay for sin,
And also kindly came
So Man would have his happiness
And Woman keep her name.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Milton's "Paradise Lost."

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Starward's picture

When I was your age, I studied Milton intensely. But I was never able to write this well in response to him, as you have done in this poem. I applaud your accomplishment.