Let Me Weep

When I sit beneath the starry sky
Reflecting on my past
Or ponder nigh majestic trees,
A time I wish would last,


As I recall sweet moments in life,
Sometimes I wish I can
Just have the opportunity
To live them o'er again.


Those fond and precious memories
With ones I love so dear
Have all too quickly scampered by
Just echoes left to hear.


'Til now I outward strong remain,
A calm expression keep.
But let me once just lose my pride,
Lay down my face and weep.


Just weep for happy, golden times
With ones we held so close.
But now those times are gone from us.
This world just never slows.


Those happy times will not repeat,
But trust there are more yet.
Though weeping now does not gain much,
It proves I can't forget.

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